How is our product dried ?

Our raw material is prepared and cut to size prior to the drying process. Products are then placed on specialised racks and moved into one of the drying rooms. Our Air dryers are then programmed according to the particular product in the drying room. All products are processed and dried differently due to the variance in moisture content in each product.

All products are subjected to a heat treatment of a min of 72 degrees Celsius for 30 hours which is sufficient to destroy all pathogenic organisms (including salmonella).

The drying process is very important and monitored closely by our trained staff and Quality Assurance team, to ensure that the product does not cook, but dehydrates all the moisture out, making the product healthy and safe for pets.

Where is our Manufacturing Plant?

We are based in the Hawkesbury Region of NSW

our raw materials are sourced from Registered Abattoirs across the east coast of Australia.

Our close working relationship with these abattoirs guarantees constant supply and quality of raw material.

Shelf Life

Due to our technically advanced drying process, all our products have a shelf life of in excess of 2 years. Therefore, all packaged product is stamped with a “Best Before” date of two years post packaging.


is available throughout Australia please enquire for export.